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What I can offer you:



House construction // Existing properties – extensions and renovations // Commercial buildings // Support in DIY building


Graphic design // Visual identity // Website design // Photography


Landscaping // Subdivision of the building // Urban prospective // Regulatory and operational town planning

A complete offer;

So that your premises is coherent with your visual identity, I can also create your logo and branding for your communication tools.

An offer « à la carte » ;

Because you will have individual needs, I will help you as much or as little as you want, from simple advice through to complete project management.

An ecological approach;

Because a healthy environment is essential for quality of life, 

I am specially trained in this area.

Traditional and contemporary solutions;

I am inspired by the constructions of our ancestors

to design architecture for today.


Because a successful project is always the fruit of mutual respect and a good working relationship, I value the importance of our regular discussions.

A hand-drawn approach;

Because the shortest way to embody an idea goes from the brain to the hand, I still use different kinds of papers, pens and pencils when creating my designs.

With discretion;

To search for the simplest creative transformations, with no need for fussiness, to get to the point of the building, which may in the end even appear to be the obvious solution.

Available and reactive;

In order to be totally responsive to your needs, 

I work on no more than 2 projects at a time.

A look shaped on experience;

I have learned to capture the essence of any location through the analysis and combination of architecture and landscape. My sensitive nature ensures the rest…

With poetry;

I imagine, I conceive, I synthesise unique universes for you.

To customise my proposals, I never dash into a project without taking time to get to know you.

And a bit of sabi;

The beauty of the distressed, imperfect, irregular things elicit emotions.

I like that we can reveal this.